sweetie + joshua

anniversary shoot

Our love, hugs and gratitude to one of our ever favorite couple Joshua and Sweety. Can’t believe it has been an year since your wedding. You both are definitely the “happily-ever-after” kind. We are quite happy, we got to capture your magical moments again during your first anniversary. Just watching you both was a matter of joy for us. Continue to inspire others with your unwavering circle of love. Thank you for inviting us for the shoot in Maldives, thank you for your cooperation and patience even in the scorching heat. And thank you Baros, you were a wonderful host. #happyclients are forever #candidweddingphotography #keralaweddingphotography

Smoke Weddings

We believe that as a couple embarks on a journey of love together, the moments need to be cherished beyond just memories. Our desire is to empower them with the ability to take advantage of today’s innovation and technology alongside creativity and professionalism. Using a combination of photographers, innovative and traditional styles, at Smoke Ads, we capture each and every magical moment of one’s wedding day, unobtrusively with vivid color and creative professionalism.