Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photography Location

Wedding photography is a series of photography activities related to a wedding ceremony. It covers photographs and wedding trailers of the couple before marriage (for invitations, display and thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception. It is technically called as a subdivision of commercial photography, supported by other technicians like light men, assistants, photo/video editors, etc.

Indian weddings include myriad of traditional as well as contemporary events, celebrated widely with Friends and relatives. A professional Kerala wedding photography expert understands feasible events related wedding and strives to capture every moment of it, be it traditions, emotions, music, Mehendi, decorations and what not.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photography Location

A skilled wedding Photographer appreciates your constraints, co-operates with you to bring the best wedding photographs and movies without your intervention. So, it is essential to choose the best wedding photographers in your city.

Location plays a vital role in making a wedding photography, the most remarkable one. selecting a location is one of the significant tasks of the wedding photographers. Many couples perceive locations for their photography sessions and rely on the photographers to finalize the decisions for a picture-perfect photo shoot.

Learn to choose the perfect wedding photography locations to get the best moments out of couples from this blog post.


The perfect timing of your photo shoot is complicated, particularly in those areas where the people are frequently seen. No matter how hard you try to avoid people, you and the couples can be distracted, thus not giving your finest clicks. Determine the time schedule, whether you are working in the morning, evening or night. Apart from the viability of light that you are seeking for, it is recommended to find a time when the Place you have chosen to shoot is tranquil. Choosing the timing for wedding photo shoots reduces your editing works as well.


Based on the type of photo shoots you prefer, it will affect the degree of privacy that is expected from a particular location. Since most of the pre-wedding shoot locations are public places, the grade of privacy is obviously limited. If you browse through various spots, certainly you will find a location which will match your wedding theme. Alongside, it is utmost important to choose an appropriate place where the couples can change their outfits between different wedding themes.


Is the location you chose accessible by walk or car? Accessibility is important as it will determine the type of transportation needed. One needs to be aware of the fact, that the more difficult it is to reach a location, the more expenses raise up.

Once, we had chosen 3 cars to reach a particular location, the money spent for a mini-van is comparatively less than the money spent on hiring the cars, tolls and its fuel. If you are on a fixed budget, you should always plan accordingly to complete your wedding photo shoots in the preferred location with the right transportation and other essentials.

So, in order to get the best wedding photographs out of the location you have chosen, visit the place twice to check its accessibility, guest room availability and hassle-free surroundings to avoid disappointments. Also, make sure to get the permits to shoot in the location which demands authorization.